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iESLab Wins Two “First Prizes” in Power Distribution Informatiza

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News of this website: In this spring full of vitality and hope, good news comes in a row. Both of twoprojects that Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as iESLab)participatedin won grand awards in succession.Namely, the project "Development & Application of Key Technologies of InteractionBus and Interoperation of Power DistributionIntegrated Information"wasawarded the first prize of the 2016 Science and Technology Progress Award of State Grid Corporation of China, and the project "KeyTechnology, Product Development and Large-ScaleApplication of Power Distribution Information Integration"won the firstprize of 2016 Chinese ElectricPower Scienceand Technology.

SinceiESLab entered intothe power distribution automation industry in 1990s, it has always committed itself tothe research andproduct development of power distributionautomation system, and thus it knowwell about the integration of marketing anddistribution,the importance of power distributioninformation integration to the construction of power distributionautomation system, anddifficulties of the informationintegrationTherefore, iESLabhas putinto a large amount of manpower and resources to solve this problem, and conducted deep research on the interactionand integration of information between systems, interoperationtechnology, and power distributioninformationintegrationtechnology. Presently, related products have already been put into service at more than twenty domestic sites, and in some areas, the products ofinformation interaction bus havesolved the data interaction problems among tens of systems onsite.

Thetwo prizes obtained show that iESLab takes theleading position on relevant technology of information interaction and power distributionintegrationin the power distribution automation industry. Meantime, they arealso the affirmation and recognition of people of iESLab for theirbrave innovation and daring to be the first. In the future, iESLab willcontinue to carry forward such innovation spirit and provide better productsand service for power distribution automation industry.

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