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Qingdao iESLab and ams Jointly Released

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On November 6, Qingdao iESLab ---a subsidiary under the holding of our company--- and ams co-released globally the "iESlab&ams" ultrasonic water meter and gas meter measuring module at the "European Utility Week" (EUW) in Vienna, and declared to establish the support center for ultrasonic flow measurement techniques respectively in German and China. Qingdao iESLab officially released its new generation of ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic gas meter products worldwide.

The ultrasonic water measuring module and gas measuring module series of products released adopt mainstream and world's leading solution for ultrasonic measurement: ams UFC time-difference method, integrate ams ultrasonic chip with flow firmware customized on the algorithm of an independent intellectual property right of Qingdao iESLab, and feature high sample frequency, ultralow power consumption, reliable and stable algorithm, and high volume production, etc. The successful research and development of this module will speed up the R&D of the complete meter, and the market input rate of the product.

Since the building of strategic partnership between Qingdao iESLab and ams in 2015, they have carried out in-depth cooperation in the aspect of ultrasonic technologies, and already established ultrasonic united technologies laboratories respectively in German and China. Qingdao iESLab has possessed complete sets of solutions for ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic gas meter, which include independently developed ultrasonic water meter, gas meter correction table and other core equipment, set of production line, key components, set of spare parts and assembled meter, etc., representing a leading technology level in the industry. At the news conference, it was declared that the two parties would establish support center for ultrasonic flow measuring respectively in Stuttgart of German and Jinan of China, which was equipped with full-automatic ultrasonic water meter correction table, gas meter correction table, ultrasonic water-gas sample meter, and ultrasonic water-gas module for the ultrasonic flow measurement tests of customers, and all-round technical services to the customers.

Qingdao iESLab has already obtained leading advantages in the R&D of ultrasonic measurement; while attaching great importance to technological innovation and product innovation, the company also emphasizes the matching of products with production capacity and production lines, and has kept a high investment rate in production automation and informatization to effectively improve production efficiency and product quality, and ensure production capacity.

At this "European Utility Week", Qingdao iESLab released its new generation of ultrasonic water meter and ultrasonic gas meter products, and will release a new generation of ultrasonic water meter at the "13th Water Utility Conference" in China on November 30.

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