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The 2014 iESLab Commendation Conference for Advanced Employees C

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On April 3, the 2014 iESLab Commendation Conference for Advanced Employees was held in the High-tech Zone, Jinan. The conference commended teams and persons of the company with excellent performance in 2014. More than 800 employees and leaders of the company attended the commendation conference

Wang Liang, General Manager of the company, made a speech with the topic of Boundless Expansion, Keep Improving. He stated, in the past year, thanks to the hard work of all of staffs, the company hit record highs in various economic indicators.

The conference had 27 awards in total, including 15 awards for individuals and 12 awards for teams. At last, 18 teams and 125 persons with excellent performance were awarded.

Du Xiaobin, Manager of Electric Quantity and Marketing Informatization Business Department, and Lin Jianfeng, General Sales Manager for East China Regions, who had made significant contribution for the development of the company, was awarded the “Award of Outstanding Manager”, by Yang Zhiqiang, Chairman of the Board. The chairman warmly congratulated on all of teams and persons that were awarded. It is such a learning-oriented team that focuses on equality, respect, trust, cooperation and sharing that enables iESLab to grow up from one laboratory. With the growth rate of 10% for the eighteenth consecutive year, the company becomes one of dazzling stars in the aspects of smart power grid and smart public utility.

To activate atmosphere in the scene and manifest the corporate culture of iESLab, during the conference, programs of entertainment were interspersed that had been created, directed and performed by employees themselves, unusually brilliant.

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