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Development History

[ Leap Forward ]
2010: Listed on Shenzhen SME Stock Board. Promote the Smart Grid Solution development.
2011: EMS/ Distribution projects passed State Grid Inspection. Entered the geographical position information service field with leading GIS/GPS/RS technology.
2012: Established the first evaluation laboratory of classified protection evaluation Center for information security in electric power industry.
2013: iESLab industrial park put into use, the 1st stage factories and supporting facilities with 60,000 square meters.
2015: Qualified for the National Information Security Integration Class A
2016: Qualified for the general contracting certification for power engineering construction EPC.
2017: Qualified as the China Key Smart Micro-Grid & Smart City Poilt.


[ Expanding ]
2000: Reformed as joint stock limited company.
2001: Initiative research on Smart Water meter, Gas Meter, entered the Smart Public Utilities filed.
2004: Developed Smart Substation solution followed standards of IEC61850.
2005: Developed iES-600 Dispatching System followed standards of IEC61970.
2009: Leading the research of Smart Grid Technologies in China.


[ Developing ]
1994: Established IES Laboratory in joint stock cooperative mode.
1996: Initiative Windows_NT operating sytem application in real time field. iES-500 won the First-Class Award of Ministry of Education and Second-Class Award National Science and Technology Progress.
1999: Distribution system successfully applied. Built the complete Grid Automation Solution in whole processes including Generating, Transmission, Substation, Distribution and Consuming.

[ Growing ]
1989: Established Shandong University Weihai Branch Electronic Systems Laboratory, combined Academic-Research-Industry.
1992: Developed ES-60 Substation RTU, Provide entire solution for Guard-free unattended Substation.
1993: Applied Dispatching System into provincial operating center.

[ Start-up ]
1984: Developed first generation of computer-based ES100 Power Grid Dispatching Automation (EMS) System, took the initiative in Chinese Electric Power Industry.
1988: Developed ES-300 Dispatching System, successfully applied in hundreds of cities and replaced the imported facilities.