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IT Service Management System Authentication Certificate

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News from our Source --- Recently, IESLAB has successfully passed the strict examination and inspection of the certification authority --- CEPREI Certification Body ---, and won ISO/IEC 20000-1: 2011 IT Service Management System (hereinafter referred to as ISO 20000) ANAB Authentication Certificate, which symbolizes the company has reached the international standards in the operation and maintenance services of normalized and standardized IT systems.

The successful construction of IT Service Management System, and the acquisition of ISO 20000 Authentication Certificate will not only enhance the competitiveness of IESLAB in domestic market of information system operation and maintenance services, but also provide powerful qualification security for the company to actively expand overseas market. The company will take this opportunity to bring respective advantages of ISO 20000 and ITSS service management system (already on operation) into full play in future IT service management process, further strengthen the integration of business process with each service management system, and strive to provide IT services of higher efficiency, quality, security and satisfaction degree to customer through continuous optimization and improvement of its service management level.

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