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Congratulations on the Successful Listing of iESLab A Share Warm

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On January 22, 2010, the A share of iESLab Co., ltd was listed formally in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and succeeded in landing capital market. Hu Zhanping, Vice President of Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Commission of Jinan City, and Yang Zhiqiang, Chairman of the Board, rang the opening bell together, which was one of importantmilestones in the development of iESLab and signified iESLab would step into a new express way from then on.

As the first listing company of Jinan in 2010, and also the first one after the restarting of IPO and opening of GEM, the listing and development of iESLab has been always supported strongly by the Municipal Government of Jinan and related organizations and attracted extensive attention from different sectors of the society. Leaders from the Science & Technology Bureau of Shandong Province, Financial Office of Shandong Province, Securities Regulatory Bureau of Shandong Province and related departments of Municipal Government of Jinan, leaders from the High-tech Development Zone of Jinan and important customers and partners of the company concentrated in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and witnessed the historical moment when iESLab was successfully listed.

For the first time, iESLab Co., ltd issued shares publicly for funds that would be used for some industrialization projects, such as System for Digital Substation AutomationSystem for Comprehensive Application of Digital Power Grid Distribution and System for Collection and Management of Electric Energy InformationThese three projects are basic ones for the construction of smart power grid. Once delivered, they will further to enrich product categories of the company, increase market share and intensify leadership in the industry.

The successful listing of iESLab laid a solid foundation for the sustainable and healthy development of the company, while posing higher demand. Dedicated to the long-term goal of Hundred-year iESLab” and with a view to harmonious and win-win cooperation for investors, employees and partners, the company will perform all of obligations carefully according to related regulations of supervision organizations and capital market strictly, and move towards the world-class innovative high-tech company ceaselessly to reward investors and the society with excellent performance.