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iESLab was Awarded As the Key High-tech Enterprise in China Agai

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During the last ten days in December 2010, based on the evaluation result of 2010“Key High-tech Enterprise for National Torch Plan issued by the State Ministry of Science and Technology, iESLab was identified as the Key High-tech Enterprise for National Torch Plan for the second time, with the period of validity of 3 years. It was the third time that the company had won the honor for key high-tech enterprises in China, fully demonstrating her technological innovation capability made sustainable progress with the enhancement of industrialization strength.

The accreditation of Key High-tech Enterprise for National Torch Plan is organized and implemented by the State Ministry of Science and Technology. Accredited companies have superior R&D and technological innovation capability and their dominant products are in the leading technological level domestically. In July 2010, the State Ministry of Science and Technology issued and implemented the new Regulation on Enterprise Management for Key High-tech Enterprise for National Torch Plan which poses higher demand upon the standard enactment, assumed national projects, awards and industrystatus of company candidates and conducts comprehensive evaluation for the company from four aspects, innovation capability, industry promotion, profitability and social contribution, highlighting the requirement for the innovation capability of companies.

It is reported that in the first evaluation on key high-tech enterprises in China after the implementation of the new Regulation, totally 3027 companies applied emulatively, while less than 30% of them passed ultimately. According to rules, the State Ministry of Science and Technology adopts related assistance measures aiming at key high-tech enterprises that have been accredited, in many aspects, such as information, advertising, talents, market or funds.

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