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Smart Water

Integrated Electronic System Lab Co., Ltd. is the technical leading enterprise in the field of automation andinformatization in Chinese water supply industry, is engaged in the water supply intelligent managementresearch, has the products comprising residence remote meter reading system, urban pipe networkmeasurement real-time monitoring system, business charging system, production operation SCADA system,water plant automation system, pipe network geological information GIS system, hydraulic model,comprehensive information platform and other fields.

Integrated Electronic System Lab Co., Ltd. provides the overall measurement solution in the water suppyindustry, including the meter reading solutions for resident users, commercial users and industrial users, tofully meet the measurement requirements of water supply enterprises.  

Integrated Electronic System Lab Co., Ltd. is the technical pioneer, industrial promoter and industrialstandard formulator in the field of direct-reading automatic meter reading in China, takes the lead to proposethe concept of direct-reading meter reading, and owns the most complete direct-reading meter readingproduction line at present in China.