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Smart Metering/AMI/AMR

Based on 30 years experience of technical R&D and hundreds projects in the field of Metering & Billing, Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd.(iESLab) has promoted the total Advanced Metering Infrastructure(AMI) solution of iES-E200PRO system to provide the full-line product scheme for the metering construction. The solution comprises by three layers of products: Master Station Software, Data Concentrator Unit DCU, & Smart Meters.

iESLab is the core supplier of AMI system in China National Grid Construction, undertakes several provincial level AMI systems in Sichuan, Shaanxi, Tibet, etc. Maximum quantity of electric energy meters integrated in the single-set system reaches as high as over 30 million.

iESLab AMI system could also applied to all scales users, also includes the medium and small users besides the state and national levels users, could cover wide quantity range of consumers from hundreds to millions.