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Smart Substation/SAS

Reliable, stable and solid process level data transmission scheme

Super-large scale FPGA independent application, guaranteeing the reliability of point-to-point data transmission;

Convenient, easy-to-use and visualized configuration tool

The station level system is capable of achieving the fast establishment of database model of the automatic system for the substation by importing the model file, and exporting CIM/E model and CIM/G graphs, and therefore can meet the automatic modeling requirements of the system in the master dispatching station. 

Through the equipments at the interval level and process level, the configuration files can be directly exported, and the definition of the virtual terminal can be browsed conveniently and visually.

Unified data processing scheme

The station level substation achieves the full-station unified information access, unified storage and unified display, operation monitoring, operation and control, comprehensive information analysis and intelligent warning, operation maintenance and auxiliary application.

Conform to state grid control integration requirements

The system passed the warning direct transmission and remote browsing joint debugging test organized by the State Grid Control Center: efficiently achieves the warning direct transmission and remote browsing of panoramic data of the substation.

Flexible function deployment

The functions can be deployed in the same monitoring host machine or distributed on the monitoring host machine, database server, comprehensive application server, and graphic gateway machine according to the voltage grade scale of the substation to support the double-machine hot standby operation. 

The devices on the interval level and process level can achieve the configuration of hardware board card according to the site requirements, and therefore achieve the configuration design concept of the devices.