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Charging Management Platform


iES-ICS electric vehicle charging operation and management platform is a charging operation management platform based on the Internet, it can provide the geographic information and location service of charging station/pile, charging equipment management and monitoring, data acquisition and fault location, operation statistics and data analysis, multi-dimension revenue data and statement, support various transaction modes such as card swiping and online payment, meet different operation and management requirements for the charging stations and dispersed charging piles of electric vehicles, provide all-round charging management SAAS service for the charging operators of electric vehicles conveniently and help the operators or application developers for quick access to charging cloud. 

As the media and link to connect the electric vehicle users and charging operators, the platform realizes unified access, management and operation of all charging stations or charging piles as well as the online/offline (O2O) docking of charging service for the users through the mobile phone App. 

The platform applies distributed deployment and supports private data centers and public cloud platforms to customize complete charging operation solutions for users based on market development and actual demands of users.  

Service object: Bus companies, charging operators, governments, third-party service providers, mass charging users, etc.