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Smart Industrial Park

Along with the rapid development of the society and economy in our country, it is imperative for the reform of industrial parks towards innovation, science & technology, and intelligence. It will become a powerful weapon in dealing with the competition between the new generation of parks to use variety of intelligence and informationization application to help the industrial parks to realize the change of industrial structure and the management mode, improve the market competitiveness of enterprises in the industrial parks, promote the industry aggregation based on the industrial park as the core, and create economic and brand double benefit for the industrial parks and enterprises within the industrial parks. With speeding up the pace of construction of smart cities in China, the scale of investment in industrial parks also maintains a steady growth trend.

Under such a general background, combined with the characteristics and requirements for the construction of Integrated Electronic Science & Technology Industrial Park itself, plan and implement the smart industrial park control platform system in order to follow the development trend and requirements for the smart industrial park, smart enterprise park, smart energy, smart micro-grids, etc..