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Building Energy Saving

iES-B1000 Building Energy Consumption Monitoring System is one of the specialized energy-saving monitoring systems researched and developed by the Company. The system is possible to go deep into each area of the building and achieve the management functions on the entire parameters and whole process of the energy consumption, which is a set of software and hardware system integration solution specially developed for the purpose to improve the current situation of the building energy management in China. The system is not only in conformity with national policies and technical requirements for public building energy-saving management, but also integrated with the overall solution for the energy consumption monitoring and energy-saving operation management, which is capable to conduct a dynamic monitoring and analysis on the building energy consumption so as to realize a fine management on buildings to bring the user a new value experience and achieve the effect of energy conservation and emissions reduction. The system is able to conduct real-time monitoring, data collection & storage, data statistics & analysis, generation of various reports, display printing, release, data remote transmission, energy-consuming benchmarking & alarm, energy-saving and management suggestions for various energies within the building, such as electric energy, liquid medium energy (i.e. water, oil, etc.), gas medium energy (i.e. fuel gas), etc.. The system is able to facilitate the energy management departments of all kinds of enterprises and public institutions to conduct an effective monitoring and management on their respective energy systems, provide reference data for research, design and reconstruction of energy conservation and consumption reduction, provide the energy law enforcement departments at all levels with effective basis for enforcing the laws, and provide the decision-making basis for power for governmental energy management departments at all levels. The system with the basic tool based on computer, communication equipment, and measurement & control unit is able to provide a basis platform for collecting the data of buildings in a real-time manner, which may be combined with monitoring and control equipment to make up a monitoring & control system with any degree of complexity. The system is able to obtain the data required for energy consumption publicity by means of multi-function meters, data collector, etc. and at the same time, provide basic data and technical platform for the building’s subsequent energy consumption analysis and energy conservation & consumption reduction, achieving an energy saving effect from 20% to 30%.