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Industrial Energy Saving

IES-E1000 Energy Management Center System is an enterprise-oriented informationized integrated management platform independently researched and developed by Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. by means of the international advanced sampling monitoring technology, communication technology, computer hardware & software technology and the like, aiming at monitoring objects like water, electricity, gas, steam, air, oil and other energy mediums, for the purpose to set up an energy control platform for enterprises to conduct a real-time collection, computational analysis and centralized dispatching management of production-purposed energy, and solve problems like energy monitoring & measurement and energy-consuming control & prediction for the key energy-consuming enterprises, so as to achieve a comprehensive monitoring and management on energy, and realize a balance between supply and demand as well as energy conservation and environment protection.

The system mainly consists of three parts, including the energy management center main station, field monitoring & measuring, and communication network. The energy management center may be configured flexibly, with multiple servers to work cooperatively or one single server to operate independently. The field monitoring & measuring is mainly composed of various types of monitoring & measuring instruments, PLC system or DCS system, weighing apparatus measuring system, etc. for the purpose to provide data source for the energy management center system. The communication network is an integration of RS485, enterprise local area network (LAN), GPRS/CDMA wireless network, and other numerous communication modes.