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Smart Distribution/DMS/DAS


Design of iES-DMS1000E adopts open system structure, provides open integrating environment, support various hardware platforms such as IBM, HP, SUN and DELL, support multiple operating systems such as UNIX, LINUX and Windows.

Database system selects large commercial database ORACAL/SQL Server which supports standard SQL, support structural query language SQL and ODBC interface.

The system conforms to IEC 61970CIM/CIS and IEC 61968 standards, constructs uniform power equipment object data model based on CIM and data access interface based on CIS, the system includes enterprise integration bus based on IEC61968 standards, and can realize data sharing and system inter-connection among different systems.

The system adopts Client/Server system structure and Browser/Server system structure, and its functions can be distributed to various nodes of the network in accordance with needs. Provide SCADA/GIS application based on Web.

In addition, the system adopts real-time SOA framework design, the system soft bus’s external open interfaces are standard, and can be conveniently embed function modules developed by third-party manufacturers onto the system’s soft bus; use existing services of the system or provide new services for the system.

⊙ Modularization

The system adopts modularized design and is convenient for extension. Real-time bus system based on SOA framework significantly improves flexibility of main station system deployment and function extension, enabling software modules of the whole system to realize distributed application, hardware system structure realizes flexible deployment, function upgrading and hardware extension of the system can be steadily operated. Multi-functional group design model allows to operate several groups of front-end communication servers, and can ensure access of large-capacity terminal equipments.

⊙ Reliability

Because adopts service management system based on SOA, service soft bus provides management for various types of services, can conveniently realize “hot standby operation” and “warm standby use”.

Key nodes are designed entirely in accordance with redundant configuration, data among hot standby nodes are strictly maintained consistent, and failure in any node will not cause loss of major functions or cause system response sensitivity to be below requirements of system performance. Non-turbulence switching can be realized among main equipments of the system.

When soft bus of the system detects that the number of important software function modules registered on the bus is less than 2, administration service of the system automatically launches such software modules on other nodes to run in accordance with predetermined sequence, thereby ensuring that there are always above two redundant hot backups running of important functional modules in the system, this is “warm standby use”

The system can ensure reliability of system running to the maximum through the working mode which combines redundant “hot standby operation” and “warm standby use”.

⊙ Safety

Various application software provides safety management function, can provide different access rights and application functions for different persons through password logging model,  can  restrict use right of some hardware of various equipments, and can provide multiple safe logging classes, function use password and automatic invalidation management of password in limited time in accordance with users’ needs to avoid misuse and theft use.  

System inter-interconnection can adopt router equipment, can restrict and avoid illegal external access through safety verification of route protocol and password management, provide hardware firewall for further improving safety system to avoid illegal access of internet hackers and infection of internet viruses.

WEB releasing function of the system entirely meet secondary system safety protection requirements of power, data synchronization mechanism of system design can not only meet need of real-time data query, but also can meet needs of query and downloading of historical data and files, and WEB service function provided by the system and access of external clients can be only through standard browser tools, which restricts access of other instruments.

Realization of public network telecommunication method:  on plenty of first remote and second remote data collection, because there is no remote operation, public network telecommunication method can be adopted to conduct collection and receiving of data to  realize data receiving and handling through specialized public network telecommunication front-end computer, and transmit to safety I area through  reverse physical isolation device with the format of text file, explanation files in safety I area form real-time data, the system adopts special handling measures, and can ensure real-time requirements of data under reverse physical isolation device.