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iES-FDR Action Type FTU & DTU


iES-FDR can be mounted on various kinds of overhead networks, cable networks and T-joint demarcation point of overhead hybrid network and realize the automatic cut-off of user-side single-phase earth fault, automatic blocking of user-side inter phase short circuit fault, monitoring user’s load and rapid fault location, to avoid the effect of user-side fault on fluctuation and power failure of distribution network.

It is classified, according to the different mounting positions, as remote communication and measurement action type FTU and DTU.

Remote Communication and Measurement Action Type FTU

It is mounted on 1overhead line of 0Kv power distribution network and constitutes the complete equipment with pole mounted boundary switch, integrating protection, measurement, control, communication and telecontrol and other functions;

Capable of indentifying the instantaneous fault and permanent fault in line, eliminating the effect of instantaneous fault on line automatically, isolating permanent fault section, avoiding the long-time and large-area power failure and restoring the power supply of non-fault section power grid;

The controller is designed in accordance with the national standard and adapts to the severe operating conditions on site.

Different communication mode may be selected to realize the remote communication function;

With self -diagnosis and self-recovery capabilities;

Detailed history contents, free from data loss in the event of power failure.

Simple and convenient routine maintenance is available for controller by means of PDA or maintenance software.

Remote Communication and Measurement Action Type DTU

It is mounted in user boundary switchgear of 10kV power distribution network and supports such primary equipments as load switch, circuit breaker, spring/electromagnetic/permanent magnetic actuator, etc;

Capable of eliminating single-phase earth fault automatically, supporting zero-sequence current, zero-sequence voltage acquisition and single-phase grounding judgment and distinguishing the single-phase earth fault inside and outside of boundary;

Automatic inter phase short circuit fault;

Automatic acquisition of current and voltage and storage of SOE record;

Support various communication modes.Technical Indicator.