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Smart Control Valve

Product introduction

  1. With wireless communication function with the temperature controller (refer to thecommunication introduction between all components for the concrete contents).

  2. The charge actuator is able to execute the valve opening and closing actions according to the valve opening and closing commands sent from the temperature controller.

  3. Accumulative valve closure time: after the valve is closed (the signal of being closed has been sent out from the limit switch of the motor), the record of the closure time will be started, the closure time will be accumulatively recorded once in 5min (if the charge actuator is powered off in less than 5min after the last recorded time, several minutes of accumulative valve closure time might be lost, but the influence is not great, therefore this situation is not considered). The closure time is recorded in thestorage (stilled recorded after the charge actuator is powered off).

  4. Calculate and record the accumulative valve opening time: accumulative valve opening time up to now = current time  heat starting time  accumulative valve closure time; accumulative valve opening time in heat supply season = heat supply ending time  heat supply starting time  accumulative valve closure time; according to the charging principle we can know: its unnecessary to unify the heat supply starting time and ending time of the charge actuators of all households, or calibrate them into unified clock. 

  5. When data instruction is sent out from the temperature controller, the charge actuator will record and store the accumulative valve opening time, accumulative valve closure time, valve opening state and valve switch failure alarm signals, and transmit the data to the temperature controller for storage.

  6. The charge actuator is provided with a super-capacitor; when the actuator is powered off, the valve of the capacitor can be opened with the capacitor. 

  7. The data and signal of the charge actuator will be read with the temperaturecontroller in set time (once in 20min). If the charge actuator does not receive thesignal sent from the temperature controller, the valve will be automatically opened or be under constantly open state. 

  8. When the heating is started, and the charge actuator receives the charge clearing and heat supply starting signals, the accumulative valve opening time will be removed, and the heat supply starting time will be stored, and the valve opening and closing failure alarm information will be rewritten in. After the heat supply is ended, the heat supply company will send the charge stop order, and then the charger will stop the measurement and save corresponding data. 

  9. 8-digit address codes are in solidified default before the delivery to facilitate thetemperature controller to find and identify the address and achieve communication. 

  10. The valve executes the action (maintain the original state after action) for one period every day (00:00) to guarantee no corrosion of the valve will occur. 

  11. The wireless data transmission shall be provided with the encryption function to prevent malevolence intercepting or revision.

  12. With overvoltage / overcurrent protection function.

Dimensional parameters