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Meter Data Management System (MDMS)

The iESLab-MDMS product is designed as COTS(commercially off the shelf ) product, which is ready made and available for sale, lease, or license to any System Integrator which can be fine-tuned to the requirements of customers. The product can be customized to suit the requirement of customer without making any architectural changes in the product and have a clear roadmap as a product.

The main function of MDMS is to verify, edit and store the data acquired by HES, and make a comprehensive statistical analysis, Including the main functions such as Data query, Data storage, Data verification, Power balance, Abnormal monitoring, Data Analytics, Cost control management, Demand control, Revenue protection, Customer Service support, etc.

Some of the basic functions are detailed listed as follows:


Data Inquiry

The system shall support the inquiry of real time data, historical daily data, historical daily data of meter reading, event data, user information, system information and other data of measuring points according to regions and users.

The system shall support a variety of representations including forms and graphs (curve chart, bar chart and pie chart). The system shall also support combination query, range inquiry, fuzzy inquiry and other search modes.

The data query program shall support the inquiry of collected real time data, historical and curve data, event data as well as terminal storage parameters. The same data item can be conducted with comparison query including year-on-year and link relative inquiry, and data of different measuring points with the same type can also accept comparison inquiry.

The system can save the data in the form of EXCEL after inquiry.


Power Consuming Analysis

Based on the basic data collected through data collection module, the function to analyze system data can be finished by data statistics module, and finally, the system will present users' power utilization condition in the form of data statistics report.

The system provides data analysis function; data statistical analysis including load analysis and coulometric analysis can be made for the basic data collected by the system based on various rules of operation. Users can perform query processing of statistical analysis through data query module in order to provide data basis for users' power utilization quality monitoring.


Monitoring and Analysis of Distribution Transformer

The system provides monitoring and analysis function for distribution transformer, which mainly includes transformer load analysis, three-phase imbalance analysis and over-limit voltage statistics.

● Transformer Load Analysis

According to the rated power, the maximum and minimum thresholds of transformer set in the system, the system can count the load curve and maximum active power as well as occurrence time of each transformer automatically on a day, month and year basis respectively.

● Three-phase Imbalance Analysis

Based on the three-phase load of distribution transformer, three-phase unbalance factor can be calculated and query can also be made according to such requirements as power supply unit, zone area and date.

● Over-limit Voltage Statistics

It means the statistics of the over-limit voltage condition of transformer, and query can be made according to voltage class, power supply unit and date.


Loss Analysis

It supports summary statistics and query for the abnormal situation of line loss in different regions, circuits and zone areas based on power supply unit and date, with line loss details. It can count the power supply volume, power selling amount, power loss and line loss rate of different zone areas on a day, month, quarter and year basis according to the composition of the assessment unit of zone areas.


Abnormal Power Consumption

Based on the analysis of collected code value of electricity meter and in combination with the analysis of the indicating value of meter reading and the changes of daily power consumption, it can judge abnormal power consumption and support the analysis and query of abnormal meter matters reported by terminal. It can also judge abnormal themes by analyzing all kinds of abnormal matters as well as their incidence relations. Abnormal statistics and detailed information can be gathered and inquired based on region, abnormity type and date.


Demand Response

The system provides demand response management function, which means to change users' power utilization way in technological means and to adopt such measures as peak shifting, peak avoiding, rotation, electricity concession and electricity load control in order to avoid unplanned power cuts and standardize the order of power utilization. The system shall provide load control function for private transformer customers with interruptible load, which may include various control modes such as orderly electricity task, remote control, power control, business application for suspension control, power constant value control, terminal electricity protection and terminal elimination. Control operation must be provided with strict permission and password management mechanism. Control schemes aiming at power utilization peak shall be compiled and issued, and the control effect after the control is made shall be analyzable. The system can provide users with warning prompts in various ways during load control.