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iES-IPS (Integrated Power Supply System)

iES-IPS Integrated Power Supply System, is developed by iESLab Company to meet the demand of Smart Substation construction and solve the problems of Traditional Substation power supply source such as low degree of automationpoor economyinconvenience in operating maintenance and difficulty to realize the network management, etc. It is a new-generation product with high reliability and high performance-price ratio.                             

The iES-IPS integrated Power Supply System may be applied in the large scale, medium and small power plants and from 10kV to 500kV voltage class Smart Substation and the industrial substations of coal mine, communication, railway and petrochemical enterprisewith high requirement for power supply.

       In iES-IPS Integrated Power Supply System performs, the station-service AC power sourceDC power sourceAC uninterrupted power supplyinverter power source and communication power supply are subject to an unified design and the networked communication between various subsystems of station-service power source is performed by means of the integrated intelligent general monitoring unit, for realization of information sharing and unified monitoring and management of station-service power source. The integrated intelligent general monitoring unit accesses to the station level of local automation system through Ethernet interface based on IEC61850 Protocol and uploads it to the remote control center to make the station-service power source system become a transparent open system with the unified language.

System Advantage

The hierarchical and distributed structuredistributed measurement and control and centralized management are adopted in the system, with realization of intelligent networking of station-service power source equipments.

The integration mechanism of station-service power source is established and the functional structure is optimized in the system, with realization of resource sharing of station-service power source.

The system is in consistent with the industry standard of DL/T 1074-2007 Integrated Uninterruptible Power Supply Equipment of DC and AC for Power Supply System.

The system is in consistent with the industry standard of DL/T 329-2010 Communications Interfaces based on DL/T 860 for Low-voltage Power Supply Equipment used in Substation, with adoption of IEC61850 Protocol for information interaction with station level of substation and conformity to the construction requirement of intelligent substation.

The high frequency switching power module in parallel is adopted in the system with N+1overhead hot copy mode and the hot swap is available in the power module, so thesystem reliability and maintainability are greatly improved.

Intelligent battery management function. Its charging curve meets the requirements of electric power industry standards of the People's Republic of China DL/T637-1997Specification for Order of the Valve Regulated Sealed Lead-acid Batteries.

Distributed multi-stage monitoring system. The dynamic self-adapting monitoring technology is adopted, with mutually redundant backup of general monitoring of integrated Power Supply System and subsystem monitoring.

Friendly interface of monitoring device. The operating status of equipment is clear at a glance by 10.4-inch large LCD touch screen display and it is easy to learn and master it.

High-performance embedded CPU and real-time embedded operating system are adopted for the integrated intelligent general monitoring unitcapable of realization of real-time quick control and monitoring of system.

Perfect system protection function. Various sub-Power Supply Systems of station-service power source have the function of abnormal operation protection, which ensures the reliable operation of the system.

The integrated design is adopted in the system, featured by a reliable design, flexibleallocation plan and conformity to the requirements of different users for system configuration and wiring plan.

Reliable insulation protection measures of system. The comprehensive inspection on theinsulation conditions of DC power subsystem may be carried out and the measures meet the requirements of State GRID 18 Important Anti-trouble Measures in Electric System(revised edition), with AC in DC detection and alarm function, which ensures the safe operation of the system.

Good system stability, small ripple factor, low noise and high efficiency.

Introduction to the unit

       iES-IPS integrated intelligent Power Supply System consists mainly of PM621integrated power general monitoring devicePM series power integrated monitoring devicePS series high-frequency power modulePD series communication power modulePU/PI series UPS power modulePA series incoming line monitoring unit device, PJseries insulation monitoring unit device and PB series battery monitoring unit device and so on.

The integrated power general monitoring device, as the centralized monitoring and management unit of integrated intelligent Power Supply System, is capable of monitoring various station-service power equipments at the same time, communicating with various downstream subunit monitoring devices and collecting the operating condition and information and data of subunits, for realization of distributed measurement and controland centralized management; and the system connects to the station level equipments through Ethernet interface with adoption of IEC61850 Protocol, for realization of remote monitoring and digital management of integrated Power Supply System. The system is featured by abundant serial port and Ethernet communication resource, flexible timingmethod, support for IRIG-BDCcode, PPSpulse per secondtiming method, 10.4-inch large LCD touch screen display, man-machine interface in Chinese and conveniencein operation.

PM611 power monitoring system

The power monitoring system, as the key to control and management of DC power subsystem, collects, gathers and processes the information and data and working condition of high-frequency power moduleinsulation monitoring unit device and battery monitoring unit device and other subordinate equipments and achieve alarm, fault handling and historical data management according various setup parameters of system, for realization of the automatic management of DC power subsystem and battery charge and discharge; the operator may perform the forced on-off, control in even and float charging and adjustment of output parameter of high-frequency power module for thehigh-frequency power module through the power monitoring system; and the commutation and information interaction between the power monitoring system and integrated power general monitoring device are carried out by field bus.

PA series incoming line monitoring unit device

Thacquisition of analog quantity and switch value, control of frame switch of ATS and output of dry contact of warning signal of station-service AC power source can be realizedby the incoming line monitoring unit device; moreover, the information data of station-service AC power source may be analyzed and processed comprehensively and the operating status of station-service AC power source may be controlled and administered and the information interaction with the integrated power general monitoring device may be realized by field bus.

    PS series high-frequency power module

 The models of PS series high-frequency power module include 220V/5A220V/10A220V/20A220V/30A110V/10A110V/20A and so on, meeting various demands of users. The advanced phase shift quasi-resonance technology is adopted in the PS series high-frequency power module with the efficiency as high as 94% and the three-phase passive power factor correcting circuit’ is adopted without midline input and with power factor as high as 0.94; the autonomous flow isolation is adopted with the flows unbalancedness ±3%, which may ensure the sound parallel operation of over 20 modules; and the module has many protective functions, such as output over-voltage protection, output current-limiting protection, short-circuit protectionover-temperature protectionover-currentprotection and so on, which ensures the stable and reliable operation.

PU/PI series UPS power module

PU/PI series UPS power module has the different rated capacities ranging from 1kVA to 60kVA, in which the advanced control theory and mature and stable high-frequency/power frequency inversion model are adopted, and it has a quick response to the change in external environment and may provide the quality uninterrupted AC power supply in a real-time way; the imported high-power IGBT is adopted, so it has a good load characteristic and excellent EMI/EMC index; and the advanced SPWM pulse width modulation technology is adopted, so the output sine wave has a stable voltage and stable frequency with noise filtered and low degree of distortion. The module has perfect safety protection functions, including input reverse connection protection, buffer protection, short-circuit protection, over-load protection, over-temperature protection and high and low voltage protection and so on, which ensures the stable and reliableoperation.

PD series communication power module

The models of PD series communication power module include 48V/10A48V/20A48V/40A48V/50A and so on, meeting various demands of users. The PD series communication power module is featured by the wide input voltage range, high stabilized voltage precision and completely electric isolation for input and output; the hardware current-sharing technique is adopted with the flows unbalancedness ≤±5% and it is featured by simple parallel operationconfiguration of communication interface and realization of Four Remote functions; the module has perfect protection functions, including input over/ under-voltage protectionoutput over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection; moreover, the built-in reverse connection protection is provided and the hot sap is available, which ensures the stable and reliable operation.

PJ series insulation monitoring unit device

PJ series insulation monitoring unit device is applied in detecting the insulation conditionof DC bus and branch circuit which adoption of advanced electric leakage detection and the simultaneous ground fault condition of positive and negative buses can be detected. A maximum of 256-circuit insulation conditions can be detected and the high precision A/Dchip is adopted to achieve a rapid and accurate measurement.

PB series battery monitoring unit device

PB series battery monitoring unit device can detect the condition of a maximum of 108 batteries and each measurement port is provided with the self-recovery fuse to prevent short circuit. The high precision A/D chip is adopted internal measurement circuit for detection on battery voltage, internal resistance and temperature and intelligent judgmentof battery status.

Technical index

Requirement for AC power source

The range of voltage fluctuation of AC power source does not exceed ±15%;

The allowable deviation of AC power voltage frequency is ±2%;

The AC power waveform is sine wave with less than 10% non-sinusoidal wave content.

The voltage asymmetry degree of AC power source does not exceed 5%;

DC power source

Stabilized voltage precision: ≤±0.5%

Stabilized current precision: ≤±1%

Ripple factor: ≤0.5%

Efficiency: >94%

Power factor0.94

Flows unbalancedness: <±3%

communication power supply

Stabilized voltage precision: ≤±0.6%

Ripple factor: ≤200Mv

Dynamic voltage transient range: ≤±5%

Transient response recovery time: ≤200us


Stabilized voltage precision: ≤±3%

Dynamic voltage transient range: ≤±10%

Transient response recovery time: ≤20ms

Degree of distortion of voltage waveform≤±3%

environmental requirement

Altitude: not exceed 2,000m;

environmental temperature-540

relative humidity: daily mean relative humidity is not over 95% and the monthly mean relative humidity is not over 90%

The using place must be free from medium with explosion hazard; the surrounding areas must be free from harmful gas and conducting medium that could result in corrosion of metals and damage to insulation; and existence of mycete is not allowed.

The installation and using place must be free from severe shock and vibration and strong electromagnetic interference and the external magnetic field induction intensity must not exceed 0.5mT;

The installation inclination must not exceed 5%.