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iES-GZDW High-frequency Switch DC Power Supply


iES-GZDW series intelligent high frequency switch DC power system is the substitute product of silicon-controlled rectifier power supply and has become the ideal DC power system of new and reconstructed power plants and substations, with hundreds of sets of products in stable operation and rapidly increasing user groups.


The system utilizes the parallel of intelligent high-frequency switching power supply module and N+1 redundant hot standby for charging and float charging and adopts the computer monitoring technology to achieve the intelligent management of storage battery, with four-remote control functions. The large screen Chinese character display touch screen is applied for a friendlier man-machine interface. The mass memory ensures the complete storage of alarm information. It has a wide voltage adapting range and therefore works stably in the areas with instable electric power supply. In addition, it is featured by such advantages as high precision of voltage regulation, current-stabilizing accuracy.

Technical Features

•High-frequency switching power charging unit utilizes the modular structure design and N+1 hot standby, that is, all power modules, including the backup modules, work at the same time. In case of failure of a power module, it will quit working automatically and other modules ensure the normal operation of the system. It is featured by such advantages as high reliability, small system floor area, flexible configuration, easy expansion and low workload for operation and maintenance person.

• The charging and float charging device utilizes the high-frequency switching power supply module and N+1 hot standby and the module realizes the electric hot plug, so the system reliability and maintainability are greatly enhanced.

• The system provides RS485 communication port, prepares all kinds of protocols by PLC, connects to MODEM for communication with other intelligent devices, realize remote control, remote measurement, remote communication, remote regulation and unmanned operation of DC power system; moreover, it may realize the computer networking flexibly in not only an independent way but also incorporation into integrated automatic system of substation and DCS of power plant.

• Intelligent battery management function: its charging curve meets the requirements of power industry standard of the PRC, DL/T637-1997 Specification for Order of the Valve Regulated Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries. In addition, the functions of manual primary charge, uniform charge and floating charge may be realized and meet the requirements of the charging curve above.

• PLC is adopted for comprehensive monitoring.

•The large screen Chinese character display touch screen and audible and visual alarm are adopted on system monitoring interface.

•The information storing device may store the current alarm message and 80 alarm history messages, and the system can record a maximum of 512 alarm history messages for user’s inquiry.

• Full automatic inspection on the working condition of single (single group) storage battery and automatic routing inspection at interval of 72 hours (user defined) can be made; in addition, manual inspection is available at any time, and in case of fault in a battery, PLC will send out an alarm and the fault message will display on screen.

• The equipment operational condition is clear at a glance and the operation is extremely easy.

• The imported special moulded case circuit breaker is used as DC feeder switch and the loop number may be set for control and closing feeder according to user’s requirements.

• The system design is reliable and configuration scheme is flexible, meeting the requirements of different users for system configuration and wiring scheme.

• It has a wide AC input range and works stably in the areas with instable electric power supply.

• The system utilizes grade C and grade D lightning protection and high electric insulation protective measures, for real-time and on-line monitoring on insulation of DC bus and routing inspection on insulation of DC branch. In case of an insulation deterioration fault, the system will send out an alarm and record it immediately.

• Over 95% of the components are imported with high-quality and famous brand. The valve regulated lead acid battery is imported and featured by a high discharge rate, free from maintenance, explosion proof safety as well as long service life, etc.

•High quality

a. The battery charger utilizes the high-frequency switching power supply, PWM pulse width modulation technology, MOSFET power output and N+1 module for parallel power supply and operates safely and reliably.

b. The charging module is featured by high stability, wide power application scope, small ripple coefficient, low noise and high efficiency and is provided with overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent protections for DC output.

c. Strong overload capacity and good instant response.

•High reliability

a. AC dual input and automatic switching device.

b. The power of control bus may operate independently, output standard DC220V power and is provided with hot standby by battery charger and storage battery for uninterruptable operation.

c. The charging module can achieve the uniform charging and floating charge in a strict accordance with the characteristic curve of storage battery and prevents over-charge and under-charge, which greatly prolongs the service life of storage battery.