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iES-E10 Low-Voltage Collector

iES - E10

The collector is the equipment that is installed in the electricenergy meter box or other places near the electric energy meter, used forcollection of the electric energy information from several or single electricenergy meter(s) and centralized dataexchange with the concentrator.

The main technical indexes of the concentrator are as follows.


Technical indexes

Number of supporting meters

Type I: 96 pieces,
 Type II: 32 pieces

Collection period

15min ~ 24h, can be set

Clock precision


Sampling precision

220/380V, allowable deviation: -50%~+40%

Power source:

Non-communication state:  active power ≤3W and apparent power ≤5VA

Whole-system power consumption

Work temperature:45℃~+70℃, relative humidity≤95%working air pressure:  63kPa~108kPa

Working conditions

Lead sealing and command.

Safety measures

160 (height) ×112 (width) ×71 (thickness)  (Type I)

160 (height) ×40 (width) ×50 (thickness)   (Type II)