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iES-LM10J Low-Voltage DCU

Concentrator  iES - LM10J 

The concentrator is equipment that is installed on the powerdistribution site in the station area, used for collection of the data ofvarious collectors or electric energy meters for centralized processing andstorage, at the same time, carries out centralized data exchange with themaster station or handheld equipment.

The maintechnical indexes of the concentrator are as follows:


Technical indexes

Number of meters supporting

Type 1: 2040 pieces; 
 Type II: 196 pieces

Collection period

1min ~ 24h, can be set

Clock precision

≤±0.5 s/d

Clock battery


Sampling precision

Voltage and current: 0.5;  power: 0.5

Power source:

Type I: three-phase four-line 220/380 V, allowable deviation: -50% ~ +  40%.

Type II: single-phase 220V, allowable deviation: -20%~+20%

Whole-system power consumption

Type  I: active power ≤10W and apparent power ≤15VA under non-communication state.

Working conditions

Work temperature:45℃~+70℃, relative humidity≤95%working air pressure:  63kPa~108kPa

Safety measures

Lead sealing, command, hardware safety module;

Installation mode

Wall mounting type I: 290mm×180mm×95mm (height * width * depth)