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Remote Direct-reading Water Meter (Liquid Seal Type) vertical

Product Introduction

Liquid seal water meter characterized by:

  1. small starting flow (available for water conservation, 2L/H), capable of improving the recovery of water rate;

  2. high precision, long service life and accurate metering;

  3. less abrasion due to the soaking of counter gear in liquid;

  4. no “demagnetizing” hidden danger of dry water meter.

Dimension parameters

Performance parameters

Maximum permissible errors

  1. Maximum permissible error of water meter in the low area from the minimum low (incl.) to the boundary flow (excl.) shall be ±5%.

  2. Maximum permissible error of water meter in the high area from the boundary flow (incl.) to the overload flow (incl.) shall be ±2% (for cold water meter) or ±3% (hot water meter).

  3. Electro-mechanical transformation error: less than or equal to ±1 (minimum displayed scale division)

Electromagnetic compatibility:

  1. electrostatic discharge immunity-level 3

  2. radiation immunity of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields-level 2

Interface type:

  1. RS-485 interface in conformity with RS-485 communication standard, four-wire system.

  2. RS-485 interface in conformity with Meter-Bus communication standard, two-wire system.

Communication parameters:

  1. Baud rate: 2400bps (1200, 4800 and 9600 optional)

  2. Checking method: even parity check (no parity check optional)

  3. Data bit: 8

  4. Stop bit: 1

Meter address: as given in the label of a meter dial.

Communication protocol: in conformity with the industrial standard for urban construction of the People’s Republic of China: CJ/T188-2004 Technical Specification for Household Metering Instrument Data Transmission.

Details Show

“Jicheng” brand, dial reading clearly visible.

Lead sealing for after-sales guarantee

Stainless steel dial cover, of reliable quality

With check-valve fitting