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IES-F30 Series Feeder Terminal Unit


IES-F30, FTU, is an automatic controlling system for Distribution Line, with high reliability, high ratio of price/performance. Has reached the state and international standards.


  1. have the entire SCADA function,( remote metering, communicating, controlling , impulse), and data acquisition ability.

  2. have the data detection function, could detect Single-phase grounding, interphase short circuit, over current, and could identify the fault current direction.

  3. multi communication mode. LAN, RS232, RS485.

  4. the maintenance software has flexible Configurations to satisfy different fields,  the remote function could reduce the workload on-field maintenance.

Technical characteristics

  1. the system is distributed architecture designed,  the CAN connection points act as the Measure and Control Node. Flexible, fast, easy to maintenance.

  2. measurement and control unit use the RTOS platform, standard interface, reliable, easy-update, plentiful software support.

  3. hardware is electrical independence designed.

  4. use the DPS technology to AC Sampling and fault detection.

On-line Programmable maintenance technology. ASIC with Independent Intellectual Property Rights, high integrated,  safe and reliable.

The power source of FTU is double AC inputs, could access the two sides of the Control circuit to ensure the power supply to the Measurement and Control Unit , When one side lost power, the other side will access automatically.