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GIS/GPS Solutions

The solution is based on the practical need for supervision, inspection, field working, target monitoring, mobile law enforcement and other field works, and is successfully applied in public security, water conservancy, water-related affairs, industry and commerce, fuel gas, power supply, logistics, communications, environmental protection and other industries or fields.

◆ Shanghai bus public transportation geographical monitoring platform and emergency command system

◆ Shenzhen bus group functional scheduling GIS monitoring system

◆ Shanghai environmental industrial production operation and scheduling command (GPS/GIS monitoring platform) system

◆ Shanghai public security criminal police corps location information integrated service platform

◆ Shanghai public security test & control network based vehicle and personnel positioning platform

◆Shanghai Water Supply City North Co., Ltd. field work management platform

◆ CAAC East China air traffic management bureau hand-hold system

◆ Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau mobile supervision system

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