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GIS/GPS Solutions

GIS/GPS application solution for electric power industry: Based on the demands for operation in the aspects of production, planning, management and business in the electric power industry, an advanced "power transmission and transformation GIS application platform" and "power distribution management GIS public application platform" is set up.

GIS/GPS application solution for water conservancy/water-related affair industry: The GIS/GPS technology is introduced into the comprehensive management work for water supply/drainage pipeline network and river-way/river stream to construct a digital pipeline network system so as to provide the management departments/water-related affair sectors with supports in aspects like intelligent management, maintenance, analysis, auxiliary decision, etc..

GIS/GPS application solution for fuel gas industry: The GIS spatial data management technology, spatial data editing technology, spatial data quickly retrieving technology, spatial data analysis technology and GPS line patrol technology are used to conduct a unified management, editing, retrieval and analysis on information of terrain pipeline network, equipment, gate station, regulator station, big users, operation-net spots and etc., so as to meet the needs for information by fuel gas production operations, with the GPS system recording the track of patrol personnel’s line patrol and uploading the patrol information.

GIS/GPS application solution for the environment industry: The environmental protection basic information, pollution sources, environment monitoring, vehicle monitoring and scheduling, environmental pollution accident emergency command and other information are collected, processed and managed in a graphical manner so as to reflect the status of environmental quality in a vivid and visual manner.  

GIS/GPS application solution for communications industry: The GIS is used as the platform to build a communication resources data model, which can be widely applied to the field of communication resources information management, providing data collection, storage, display, analysis and other tools, and providing the managers with a unified, intuitive, and convenient task management platform for the purpose of auxiliary analysis and auxiliary decision-making.