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Qingdao iESLab

Author:  Source:Oversea  Date:2017-11-09  Hits:690

 On November 8 reported by this website --- Qingdao Integrated Electronic Systems Lab Co., Ltd. (for short below "Qingdao iESLab") held its listing ceremony in Beijing Jin Yang Building with the stock code of 872230. 

Qingdao iESLab, as the national level new high-tech enterprise and key software enterprise, is a leading domestic supplier of integrated solution for the smart city. Its main products and services include integrated solutions for smart water utilities and smart fuel gas, intelligent instruments and smart-city centered technical consulting service.

The listing on the National Equities Exchange and Quotations means that Qingdao iESLab steps into the new era of capital market. Under the support of controlling shareholder iESLab (stock code of 002339), Qingdao iESLab will make full use of the platform of capital market and speed up development. 

New Generation of Automatic Products with Four Achievements Pas

iESLab Configures the New Generation of Automatic Products with Four Achievements Passing Appraisal.

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